Things that go Bump in the Dice…

Today, I had the pleasure of playing not once, but three times, the absolutely fantastic Ghost Stories. This is a charming little co-operative board game where the players set out to protect the local villagers from the assortment of nasties sent forth from Wu-Feng, the evil overlord spirit on a mission to regain from the village the means to return to life and TAKE OVER THE WORLD ! ! !

On each player’s, or “Taoist’s”, turn, the hordes of ghosts attempt to make their way into the village and use a variety of abilities to hamper the player’s efforts to stop the incarnation of Wu-Feng from succeeding. The player then has the opportunity to fight back and exorcise the invading spirits, and eventually defeat the incarnation of Wu-Feng.

Exorcising an invading spirit is relatively straight forward, each spirit has a number of coloured dots, red, blue, green, yellow and white. For most of the spirits there are between one and four dots of one colour. The player will get three dice to attempt to exorcise the spirits in squares next to their region of the village, and each die has a side that matches each of the five colours- the sixth face is white, which acts as a wild card to be used for any colour. If the player rolls equal to or higher than the required number of dots, then the ghost goes bye-bye and the player collects any applicable reward (I say reward, however it is possible that the result of exorcising the spirit may not be to the Taoist’s liking).

The incarnation of Wu-Feng appears towards the end of the Ghost deck (10 normal ghosts appear afterwards). To win, the Taoists must exorcise this card before the Ghost Deck runs out of cards. Or, more likely, the players will die a horrible death to the hordes of minions that appear before the incarnation.

I can honestly say this is one of the best board games I have played in a long while. I always love it when a new game proves to be this good.


4 thoughts on “Things that go Bump in the Dice…”

  1. I can easily say that Ghost Stories is probably the most difficult Player vs. Board game I’ve ever played. It makes Arkham Horror look like Duck, Duck, Goose.

    Those you play the game with will be forged together in a brotherhood of blood though, forever bonded in your struggle. It’s great with your regular gaming group, but I’d avoid playing it with new people, as not everybody digs the board-flipping-cheetos-spilling level of challenge.

    1. I completely agree, we played it three times today, we lost the first game, were massacred the second game, the third game looked like it was going to be worse than the second but we somehow turned it around and managed to get a win.

      All in all in it is going near the top of my list of games to buy, the game is engineered so that the difficulty adds to the enjoyment, we played the second and third games because we refused to stop till we scored a certain amount of points.

      1. There’s a iOS version of it I’ve seen floating around that has piqued my interest when it comes to playing with all of my far-away friends, but something about that just seems…wrong.

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