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Bloodthorne to-do list

  1. Write my response to the Week 4 challenge from Tastes Like Battle Chicken
  2. Finish review of The Game of Thrones Living Card Game
  3. Buy Ticket to Ride, while cursing @wilw (Wil Wheaton) for increasing my to-buy list with #tabletop every other week
  4. Finally start my Risk: Legacy campaign so I can write about it here
  5. Write another parody song for MMOs
  6. Start work on the Bloodthorne board game
  7. Unveil “Project Untitled” to the world and garner millions of fans
  8. Create a meme which dominates the globe!!!
  9. Proceed to become the worldwide undisputed overlord
  10. Actually get round to playing my games

Above lies a list of goals, both long and short term, to inspire me to do stuff so I can cross them off a list.

Random fun spawned by the #NBI

So I have decided to spend the afternoon getting to know the blogs of the other people that have started blogs thanks to the New Blogger Initiative. I was going through them and came accross My Staff is Bigger than Yours a great little blog focusing on Guild Wars 2.

Now, I am the first to admit my brain may well work a little differently than most (gamers and non-gamers alike), and when I saw the title of the blog I was reminded by a little project from about 15-20 years ago by Terry Pratchett, specifically this:

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”102″]

#NBI Build your own boss

As part of the New Blogger Initiative, Battle Chicken over at Tastes like Battle Chicken has entered the fray with a challenge for the new bloggers to build their own boss for their MMO, Now granted with my #ChooseMyMMO challenge I don’t actually have my MMO yet, so instead of a specific MMO bad guy I am going to go with a generic one that will never be placed in to a game due to royalties muahahahaha.

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