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Clients from Hell

So yeah, interesting morning today. I normally don’t intend to have stuff from my work life on this blog but it really annoyed me.

One of our ex-clients who we are currently in court proceedings with to recoup unpaid invoices decided to show up in the office despite being told to deal with out solicitors and refused to leave, eventually had to have the police escort him out.

Now the whole day is going to be far less productive than normal, which is the last thing our paying clients need.

Whats that coming over the hill?

is it a monster? well… no. It is me, I am back again. After 6 months of illness (fatigue related), insane work deadlines and workload and an unpleasant cancer scare, I have returned to the blogoshpere with a new determination to write about random crap like no-one has written about them before. In a plastic cup. (Bonus points to the first comment who get the reference).

Coming up on bloodthorne.com…

  • The game I am now playing, with assorted spin off posts
  • I will be going into the world of Malifaux as it is without a doubt my favourite skirmish war game
  • A host of board game reviews
  • Random politics related posts no-one wants to read, but can’t help themselves, which also generate lots of high spirited debate and a few trolls

And remember… your friends are like balloons, if you stab them they will die.

Need energy boost

So you may have noticed a slight lack in posts recently. This isn’t because I don’t have anything to say, but it is due to a combination of getting frantic at work and more recently having some sort of ailment which is sapping every last bit of my energy (sleeping half the day at least). So stay tuned for more of the regular stuff as soon as I have this kicked!

The Darling Buds of May #NBI

I saw this idea from Vagabond goes for a Walk and I thought it was pretty cool being a stats kind of guy myself, so here you go, the stats for Bloodthorne for the month of May.

  • I wrote 28 posts, including this one.
  • Got 43 comments on them, including mine and pingbacks.
  • 840+ page views over 540 visits.
  • The highest number of visits in one day was about 80
  • 44.07% of visitors were returning visitors
  • Location: 44.26% United States, 24.81% United Kingdom, 10.74% Brazil, 5% Canada, 2.96% Finland, 2.22% Germany, 1.48% Australia
  • The lowest was below 2
  • My biggest source of visitors is from Sypster @ Bio Break
  • Most interesting search query: “buy farmville bucks with a prepaid debit card”
  • Browser stats: 48.15% Chrome, 29.63% Firefox, 7.41% IE, 5.56% Mobile & Normal Safari
  • OS stats: 81.48% Windows, 5.37% Mac, 4.44% iOS, 3.89% Android, 3.33% Linux

See My Main @#$*&

Ambermist at Taste like Battle Chicken has continued the NBIMMO challenge to week 3 and is asking us to spend a little time talking about our mains. This could get interesting.

My main character throughout my history of MMO’s would have to be Gaffa Taype (see the pun? do ya? do ya?) who I started off in Everquest 1. I think he was the second character I created when I got my own account, a dwarven cleric of Brell Serilis and pretty much your stereotypical dwarven example. Loud, brash and a penchant for the alcoholic.

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Games I wish had been more successful: Evil Genius

Released in 2004 by Elixir Studios, Evil Genius is a true gem of a game which balances resource management, base-building and evil schemes into a finely crafted tapestry of maniacal laughter.

A blend between real-time strategy and simulation titles, akin to the classic Dungeon Keeper series, Evil Genius is set in the genre of spy thrillers like James Bond or The Man from UNCLE. You take the part of one of three Evil Genius masterminds bent on global domination.

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Inviting constructive criticism

So, I have been running my blog for a couple of weeks now, I have a variety of posts in a variety of topics, I even appear to have a number of people checking me out on a regular basis. I started and maintain this blog for myself, but it is always nice to get feedback.

What I would like to know is…

What do you think?

I realise my ability to frame my posts in a fashion that is the easiest to read isn’t particularly great, which is why I have enlisted a journalism student friend of mine to act as proof reader and editor for my blog.


Other than that, what do you think of Bloodthorne? Any and all comments will be appreciated.


Games I wish had been more successful: The Movies

Every Sunday morning my better half and I clean up the flat so that it isn’t reminiscent of the trash compactor scene in Star Wars. In our spare room (which, when I can afford the mods, WILL be renamed the games room) stands a unit which houses a vast array of DVDs, Blu-Rays, console and PC games. Upon walking past this back to my machine, I spied the tell tale logo of The Movies by Lionhead Studios.

I was instantly thrown down nostalgia avenue, remembering the fantastic time I had playing this with its wonderful blend between needs management ala The Sims, resource & “empire” management ala Theme Park and of course the crux of the title, its abilities to create movies.

Now, from where I sit this was a great blend; someone had made a game which had several staples of games I have traditionally loved and at the same time provided a tool set for people to create short movies to boot. Why didn’t it become HUGE?

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