Tabletop brilliance!

Anything that can attempt to take gaming in its myriad of sources and introduce it to new people in an entertaining manner, in my books, deserves to be supported, encouraged and if possible, shouted from the rooftops.

Wil Wheaton has a new show, TableTop,on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube that does just that. Every other Friday a new show airs, where Wheaton and three celebrity guests tackle the tabletop game of the week. At time of writing there have been two episodes, Small World and The Settlers of Catan.  The show finds that perfect balance between explaining how the games work and showing the interaction between the players, the banter and all that (otherwise known as the visual signs of people having fun).

I have always been a fan of board games, and after seeing these epsiodes I happened to have gone out and bought SmallWorld and The Settlers of Catan as they happened to not already be in my collection.

On the weeks that a new episode doesn’t air, there have so far been gag reels and other associated content put up on the channel.

Any free web series that results in my wallet emptying must either be illegal or very good, and TableTop is the latter. Check it out… Now… Or Wil will set Sasha the Intern on Fire; he said so himself.

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