See what I did with the picture?

First and foremost, no the new game is NOT related to the Star Trek franchise. The idea was toyed with before reaching the decision.

A couple of weeks a go I received a text message from a friend while I was at work, asking me to look at steam and its special offers, and if I fancied giving the game a go. Now this game has been around almost as long as electricity. I have looked at it several times and always came up on the side of “maybe later” or “not really digging it right now”, I don;t know if it indicates a change in my play direction, or if it was the ridiculously low price on steam, but I decided why the hell not lets give it a go.

I am now playing…

… Eve Online.

Right off the bat, given this game is now nine and a half years old I am hugely impressed with how good it looks. I really enjoyed the character generation process (that is until I had played for several hours and realised just how pointless it was).

Now I am into the game a little bit the most mind blowing aspect is the sheer scope of things, a skill system that takes almost two decades to complete, that is just insane long term planning.

Now it has been a long time since I have started a game and within a couple of days started drafting up spreadsheets to keep track of various key aspects (in this case to calculate most profitable mining operations). Which for me is saying something, I hold the view that each step a game takes towards the lowest common denominator is another step towards the end of gaming as we know it.

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