See My Main @#$*&

Ambermist at Taste like Battle Chicken has continued the NBIMMO challenge to week 3 and is asking us to spend a little time talking about our mains. This could get interesting.

My main character throughout my history of MMO’s would have to be Gaffa Taype (see the pun? do ya? do ya?) who I started off in Everquest 1. I think he was the second character I created when I got my own account, a dwarven cleric of Brell Serilis and pretty much your stereotypical dwarven example. Loud, brash and a penchant for the alcoholic.

In Everquest 1 I took Gaffa all the way to the then maximum level of the game, joined a high end raid guild (we were in a constant battle for the number two slot on the server for our time zone) but that is not where he made his mark. Gaffa was a crafter, a serious crafter, nay, over the top. I spent oodles of AA points to allow him to get the absolute highest skill level in EVERY form of crafting under the sun type of Crafter. Being a raider, I even ended up with quite a rare item that I spent a large quantity of my sway in the loot aquisition front, which increased my trade skills even further.

If I remember correctly, I was the second character on my server to be able to make one line of armour reliably enough to sell. It was fun; half of my time online, when I wasn’t raiding, was spent crafting, predominantly fulfilling orders from a whole myriad of sources.

The dreaded heal chain

Anyone who has played a significant amount of EQ1 has seen the words “cleric” and “raiding” and has concluded I spent enough time in the heal chain, a ghastly routine whereby you take a series of healers and get them to cast their most powerful heal spell at set intervals so the main tank is constantly healed throughout the encounter. Yes, I was part of the heal chain a lot, however I also spent quite a large amount of time healing the secondary tank which is less monotonous than the heal chain but a lot of times is considerably harder. The funny thing is, in some encounters I bypassed the secondary/off tank and drew aggro myself. The amazing thing was I didn’t get squished and managed to successfully hold the aggro and keep myself alive. I think this contributed to me being awarded what was at the time the second best warrior breastplate in the game (our main tanks already had it).

Cobalt Scar

For the non-educated among you, Cobalt Scar was a zone in the Velious expansion for Everquest where wizards and druids would go to kite around wyverns and get obscene amounts of XP, they however would go to great lengths to ensure they left the Cobalt Drakes alone, as they had a habit of ending up as drake food if they didn’t.

One day I went there and decided to see if I could solo a wyvern (Clerics universally being known as being pretty much the bottom of soloing capability) and I could, not only that but I could do it well. So I had the thought… lets try a Drake, put them tree huggers and book worms in their place. And what would you know, I killed the thing and without the amount of hassle I was expecting. I actually became quite well known for being the insane Dwarf in Cobalt Scar.

Moving on

When I left EQ1 and started EQ2, I told myself I would never play a healer again. That didn’t last. Eventually, Gaffa was re-created in EQ2 and was a joint main, depending on the day and on which of two toons I would play.

Then there was Vanguard, where Gaffa was again re-created and still sits as my highest level character there, although to be fair I never really spent a huge amount of time in-game.

Throwing the idiom a curve ball

The most recent incarnation of Gaffa Taype was in Warhammer Online, Gaffa shelved his healing ways and picked up a shotgun instead. That’s right, he became an engineer, bringing life to machines instead of fallen rangers (yes, Jethal, I’m talking to you). My word, how I enjoyed the engineer, I would go as far as to say I think my experience as an engineer tops every other class I have played in every other game. Not to say I enjoyed the game more, just the experience playing the class.

Oh, and just because every other challenge post has had one of my parody songs…

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”245″]

That is Gaffa for you…

I am currently contemplating making a non-dwarven version of Gaffa in GW2.

2 thoughts on “See My Main @#$*&”

  1. Gaffa is my kinda guy! lol. I would never touch his beard, druid’s honor.

    So far, everyone who has posted about multiple games has carried their main’s name over to their other games (myself included). I can’t honestly imagine playing a game without an Ambermist (or, in the case of SWTOR, an Ambera Mist. ;-P).

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