That boy got mad skills!!!

I was going to spend some time covering the latest out of E3 in this post. That was until I saw Kemwer’s Coverage. He has lined up a fantastic array of posts covering all from the unveiling of goodness from E3.

Over a series of posts, he puts into a very readable and easily accessible form all the videos you will want to watch to follow announcements of things you know about already and some for things you will want to know more about in the future as following:

From my look through it all, I would say the thing that caught my eye the most was Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, it looks like something I will enjoy thoroughly.

The way forward is back!

It seems to me that ever since the release of World of Warcraft back in 2004/05 it had almost immediate success; success that made the curing of small pox seem trivial. 99% of game houses out there have had one clear and common goal: be the WoW-killer.

I have two thoughts on this subject, the first is that there is only one game that can be the WoW-killer. Second is that being the WoW-killer shouldn’t be the goal, it shouldn’t even be a factor.

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The Darling Buds of May #NBI

I saw this idea from Vagabond goes for a Walk and I thought it was pretty cool being a stats kind of guy myself, so here you go, the stats for Bloodthorne for the month of May.

  • I wrote 28 posts, including this one.
  • Got 43 comments on them, including mine and pingbacks.
  • 840+ page views over 540 visits.
  • The highest number of visits in one day was about 80
  • 44.07% of visitors were returning visitors
  • Location: 44.26% United States, 24.81% United Kingdom, 10.74% Brazil, 5% Canada, 2.96% Finland, 2.22% Germany, 1.48% Australia
  • The lowest was below 2
  • My biggest source of visitors is from Sypster @ Bio Break
  • Most interesting search query: “buy farmville bucks with a prepaid debit card”
  • Browser stats: 48.15% Chrome, 29.63% Firefox, 7.41% IE, 5.56% Mobile & Normal Safari
  • OS stats: 81.48% Windows, 5.37% Mac, 4.44% iOS, 3.89% Android, 3.33% Linux

#NBI – Share and share alike

Another week and we enter the final challenge set by Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken. Now it is time for us all to turn the attention from our own humble offerings, and let you know about other bloggers that took up the call of arms for the New Blogger Initiative.

The challenge set forth was to find three other blogs in the NBI, but I say “Nay! My readers expect more!” which is a lie, I have no idea what my readers expect, but I have four in my list and it sounded like a good reason.

White Charr – A Guild Wars 2 Blog

There is a very simple reason I like this blog: the sheer amazing quantity of very very good artwork that is highlighted there. Being barely capable of holding a paintbrush the right way round, I have an extra appreciation of those that can.

Kemwer Game Blog

A really nice variety of posts ranging from a series of different games, cogently put together by a fellow web professional.

This Roaring Silence

Being that Bloodthorne is dedicated to all forms of gaming and not just MMOs, I would be amiss not to highlight other blogs that delve into other arenas of game, and here we have a gem- another board game player like myself, even writing a post about a game on my to-buy list.


Another blog that ventures into the wild untamed jungle that is table-top gaming, kinda, with a couple of posts; the first highlighting many classic board games that have been turned into apps and the other showing a mutual love of TableTop by Wil Wheaton.

Video games make me do bad things… ????

I have had this topic festering in my brain for a few weeks now. Actually, that’s a lie, it seems I can’t remember a time when this topic hasn’t been something I have felt strongly about.

The topic at hand is the mass media, specifically how they associate violent behaviour with gaming, and even more specific to this, how they ignore all the good that comes out of gaming and the communities they start.

The media has always had a target that it demonised, be it rock and roll, then classic rock, then heavy metal, then horror movies and now the gaming industry. Why? The only reason I can see is that it sells headlines. Regardless of the impact it has on countless people, every time they point the finger at the wrong cause it’s another instance where the finger isn’t pointing at the correct cause. From where I am sitting that’s contributing towards a problem, not solving it.

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How much fun is feeding a panda?

…Well, if you’re using the board-game Takenoko as your meter of enjoyment, the answer is VERY!

Takenoko is a game by Antoine Bauza, the designer who brought us Ghost Stories which I told you all about before.

This is an ideal gateway game, by which I mean, it is a great game to pull out for people who don’t play many board games; the rules are simple, the character of the game is fun, and it provides a high level of enjoyment which will hopefully bring them back for more, possibly advanced, games.

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Bloodthorne to-do list

  1. Write my response to the Week 4 challenge from Tastes Like Battle Chicken
  2. Finish review of The Game of Thrones Living Card Game
  3. Buy Ticket to Ride, while cursing @wilw (Wil Wheaton) for increasing my to-buy list with #tabletop every other week
  4. Finally start my Risk: Legacy campaign so I can write about it here
  5. Write another parody song for MMOs
  6. Start work on the Bloodthorne board game
  7. Unveil “Project Untitled” to the world and garner millions of fans
  8. Create a meme which dominates the globe!!!
  9. Proceed to become the worldwide undisputed overlord
  10. Actually get round to playing my games

Above lies a list of goals, both long and short term, to inspire me to do stuff so I can cross them off a list.

WARNING: Author has NO idea where this post is headed…

I don’t think it would be unfair to say that the biggest criticism of Diablo 3 since it’s launch this week is associated with it’s DRM / always online even if playing single player “Feature”.  I have only fallen victim to the way Blizzard have set things up this afternoon, I am getting error 33 while Blizzard is performing some maintenance.

I completely agree that this seems way over the top for a game that a significant portion of players will be spending most if not all their time, at least to begin with, playing single player campaigns.  Having to have that constant internet connection while not realistically using anything significant in the way of online services to me seems redundant.

But that is not the point of this post.  Oh No, the furor that has spawned from this move on Blizzard’s behalf would make you think that this form of DRM has never been in place before, and that would be wrong, even if you take the Starcraft 2 implementation of the DRM, this is still not new.

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