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As part of the New Blogger Initiative, Battle Chicken over at Tastes like Battle Chicken has entered the fray with a challenge for the new bloggers to build their own boss for their MMO, Now granted with my #ChooseMyMMO challenge I don’t actually have my MMO yet, so instead of a specific MMO bad guy I am going to go with a generic one that will never be placed in to a game due to royalties muahahahaha.

I Give You…

Death Metal!

After hours of venturing in to the depths of an ancient set of ruins your war party finally leaves the cramped confines of catacomb after catacomb, and much to your surprise you enter a large pavilion. In the distance across the open expanse stands a stage of ghoulish proportions. Bone upon bone form this centrepiece.

Death Metal

As you venture slightly forth, the chamber goes pitch black and no sound seems able to pass your lips. Moments later bolts of red lightning strike the centre of the stage to reveal a titanic robed figure grasping the deadliest axe imaginable.

The robed head rises and a voice booms across the hall:

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”92″]

– Written by Myself and Performed by Jethal Silverwing

The Stats

As set out in the Challenge

  • Reason for Being Pissy – Know-it-all media outlets have blamed rock and gaming for their own bad parenting one too many times. If they want to blame him, he will give them something to be concerned about.
  • Tank Killing Ability – The DecapitAx. An almighty swing of his deadly instrument runs the risk of tearing head from shoulders and will at the very least knock your tank away from the fray.
  • Raid Killing Abilities – First are the Reborn Roadies, regular spawning of undead roadies who pepper the raid. Secondly, a riff of pure Rock Energy that disrupts the casting of any and all magic.

3 thoughts on “#NBI Build your own boss”

  1. I don’t know if it is because I have been reading some relatively old Batman comics lately or what… But I could easily see that being a comic book villain! Or to make it more adequate to the subject, a super hero MMORPG villain. @_@

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