Music in gaming

I don’t think anyone out there will deny that music is a powerful tool to enhance gaming. Whether it be ambient music designed to draw you into the world in which you are playing, or carefully orchestrated scores aimed at heightening the storytelling of the game’s plot. Music makes a huge difference.

As such, I have always felt that the right music can make or break your gaming experience, and there are musical compositions out there which are iconic to the gaming industry. Within the first few notes these landmark audio gifts can transport you back to the hours you spent playing childhood favourites, or if you’re unlucky the┬ápiece┬ácan bring back the nightmares of a particularly bad time spent within a game.

There are two sides to this: there are the songs created for and packaged with games themselves, and then there are those tunes released by popular artists that just seem like they were made for your gaming enjoyment.

In the first category, the song that comes to mind immediately for me is the Hell March from Command & Conquer Red Alert. I spent countless days conquering the world to this tune, and enjoyed it so much that I’ve got the MP3 in my iTunes playlist. Now whenever I am in the mood for an aggressive game-play session, it gets played. Hell, I even reckon I play C&C better while listening to it. Another truly great song, which for me set the mood for the entire game, is the track that plays during the opening cinematic for Final Fantasy X, even if I would go on to spend 200 hours playing blitz ball.

Then in the other category, there are oh so many. I have a gaming playlist full of tracks that are generally upbeat; after all, the last thing you want while gaming is music which sends you to sleep. Thunderstruck by ACDC, War Pigs by Black Sabbath, Love Light by The Blues Brothers, the list goes on.

What I would like to do is compile a list of the community’s favourites, so let me know the songs you love, be they from the games themselves or tracks you play while in game. Comment below and we can soon start the “Bloodthorne Hall of Gaming-Music Fame”!

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