Mario-D: Mario Kart collides with Formula D

I am an all around gamer, while it is true with video games I tend towards the PC I also love a variety of console games. One of which to have captured my heart the most over the years is the Mario Kart franchise, somehow managing to balance itself between insane quick paced all out fun and actually requiring a certain level of skill.

Then of course as my blog has tended more towards since I started it, there is the non-virtual. Board Games, War Games, Card Games the whole myriad of gaming that is available. One great gem of which is Formula D (watch it played on TableTop) a board game where you play a Formula 1 or Street racer and fill your need for speed.

My Love for both of these was solidified when my good friend from Trolls Den Terrain, Alun, started a pet project, combining the two!

A Flame Obstacle

Using the fundamental system of Formula D, adding rules for all the wackiness from Mario Kart and spending a month and way too many £’s Trolls Den Terrain have created, what is in my opinion, the ultimate racing board game. Still being play-tested, the course consist of a bespoke terrain set which just about fits on a 6ft by 4ft gaming table and is modelled after the Bowsers Castle tracks in Mario Kart. It has Roaring flames, Thwompers, Fireballs, Player triggered lane switchers and a host of other obstacles, not forgetting the Giant Bowser perched in the centre of the track ready to breath fire down upon anyone foolish enough to stop in the wrong place.

The Whole Track

So far in the games I have played I have discovered a few things, first Luigi is cursed, every time I have seen him enter a race, he has not only driven full speed into the thwomper when it was down, half wrecking his Kart in the process, he then proceeds to get crushed by said thwomper the very next turn.

Power ups make all the difference, whether it be the traditional generic ones like the turtle shells, smashing people off the course, or the almighty Bullet Bill which turns your driver into an unstoppable freight train of carnage, or of course the driver specific power-ups. Mario & Luigi’s fireballs that just keep on going till they hurt someone, Bowsers spiked turtle shell that not only tracks down it’s prey but proceeds to obliterate a square mile of drivers upon impact, or the less offensive Uber Shroom power up for Toad that allows him to travel half the track in the blink of the eyes.

Speaking of Toad, he is quick, scary quick, even without his power ups, that guy just seem to tear around the course.

You can see a whole host of photos of the game and board (all through the creation process) over at Trolls Den Terrain’s Facebook Page.

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