EQ2: My New Pet Rock

When in doubt it is back to EQ2 for me, as has been the case for the past few months, and with the release of the new expansion comes the addition of the new healer class the Channeller.

The channeller is essentially a ranger with a pet and the ability to heal, take your bow and shoot things and and get some utility off those bow shots. The heal mechanic for the channeller is also quite interesting, on top of a few as per usual direct heals you can set your pet to get in the way of the damage for either a single person, ie your tank, or the whole group. so your effectively healing as the damage is done. then your job is to heal this damage on your pet. for if he falls below 25% health he will stop protecting people.

One of the things I really like about the channeller pet over pre-existing pet classes is that you can customise the look of the pet, with quite a wide array of options. You get your basic layout and as you level up you get a few more. However you also get an ability that channels the essence of mobs you fight and this unlocks abilities and visual customisation options for your pet.

Below the fold is some spoilers about these essences and where to get them.

Essence Cheat Sheet

After getting my first few essences I noticed a pattern starting to emerge. The mobs I was getting them from were the same classifications as those of the beastlord warders, so I went round and tried every one of those, and what would you know every category except the newer insect was there.

To make things easy and to give credit where credit is due I have linked each category to the eq2wire> article that guided me to the location of each part, following this is a brief outline of the small ability that essence grants your pet.

  • Head Options
  • Mystical – Proc which stuns your target
  • Reptile – Low level regen for your pet
  • Simian – De-buffs your targets potency
  • Bat – Adds strike-through and buffs accuracy
  • Shoulder Options
  • Rodent – Reduce non-physical damage
  • Canine – Reduce Physical damage
  • Feline – Increases healing received
  • Drake – Increases Crit Bonus of Pet
  • Hand Options
  • Aquatic – Heal proc on attack
  • Bear – Single target damage proc
  • Enchanted – Encounter wide damage proc
  • Avian – Area of Effect damage proc
  • Feet Options
  • Boar – Increases health received
  • Bovid – Increases pet’s weapon damage
  • Dire – Increases interposed damage amount
  • Amphibian – Reduces interposed damage amount


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