Dungeons & Dragons…. NEXT

So I have finally gotten my table top RPG hat back on after a couple of years, last night I started the inaugural session to my new DND campaign using the DND Next play-test rule system, and it went, well surprisingly well.

My adventuring group consisted of 2 people that played my 4th edition campaigns up until 2 years ago, 2 players who had only ever played one game of DND before and finally a complete nive to tabletop RPG’s. I figured the true strength of DND was always how easily a gateway it was into the tabletop RPG market, and what better way to put that to the test than with a group of inexperienced players?

The main reason I have had such a long hiatus from DND and other tabletop games is many fold, but the most relevant to this post was the rule system of 4th edition. Which to me was a skirmish war game packaged in an RPG coating. The soul of the RPG seemed to have taken a beating and replaced by a min-maxing paradise the likes of which has never been seen before.

Don’t get me wrong however, many a time I have thought of adapting the ruleset and adding in squad construction rules to actually use it as a skirmish game, however DND is an ROLE playing game, not a ROLL playing game.

Which is why I am pleased to see DND Next essentially taking a step back, best way i would explain it to veterans is that at its core it is 3rd edition, with a splash of both 2nd and 4th edition thrown in.

So I now have my group, a Dwarven barbarian, Dwarven Cleric, Human Fighter with a penchant for bows, Halfling Rogue and Halfling Paladin starting thier adventure. which consisted of them travelling on an airship only to have it mysteriously disintegrate dumping them in the ocean by an Island which shouldn’t exist. Yes you can start your Lost comparisons now, the party already has.

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