Complete Speculation, Past, Present & Future

At this point this article could be nothing other than speculation, as there are conflicting reports depending on where you look on the internet, all with “credible” sources, but according to some sources including this article by the Mirror, the 50th anniversary special could well be the time that Matt Smith hangs up his Bow Tie and regenerates into the Twelfth Doctor.

Now with this potentially on the cards I am going to put forth a few names, I believe could really do justice to the role and the rebooted series. Some have been stated elsewhere, and some I haven’t seen here we go…

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

I have seen his name circulated many times, first between Eccleston and Tennant, then between Tennant and Smith, now as a replacement of Smith. For me the previous times wasn’t quite right, he was too freshly off Iconic roles in a variety of series and motion picture performances. Now though he has had a bit of distance since those, I think he has that mix of comedy, charm and an abundance of talent that would result in an amazing run as the doctor, he gets my Fiancée’s approval too cos he is “pretty”.

James Nesbit

James Nesbitt

Here is an actor who in my mind could easily portray the massively varied range of emotion and drama we see in a weekly episode of Doctor Who, for those who haven’t seen enough of him, I highly recommend watching Jekyll, coincidentally written by Stephen Moffat.

I don’t really foresee this one actually happening, but I feel he should be a contender.

Jonny Lee Miller

Johnny Lee Miller

I have been a fan of Johnny Lee Miller since I saw him in Hackers and he has continued to impress me throughout his entire career, Plunkett & Macleane, Eli Stone, Dexter and the new American spin on Sherlock Holmes Elementary.

A lot of the time I see this almost reserved aspect to his parts which I think would make for a very interesting take on the Doctor

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade

I will admit when I first voiced this as an Idea, it was as a joke, The idea of Moss in the TARDIS tickled my fancy, however the more I have thought about it and the more of him I have seen outside of the IT crowd, the more and more I like the Idea.

I think he would be the pick to take the Doctor in a direction he has never gone before while still maintaining the same audience that has built up since the reboot.

Adrian Lester

Adrian Lester

This is my “pick” I have been saying since the day that David Tennant announced his intent to leave the show that Adrian Lester should be the next Doctor, he is cool, funny and amazingly talented, what more could you ask for in our favourite Time Lord?

I feel these are all strong contenders for the role, however more and more people are looking for a BIG twist on the role, either by getting an American actor to take over, or there is the ever present make the doctor a woman idea.

Personally I don’t have a concrete position on either of these, if the right casting call is made it will work, regardless of who the next doctor is I will be watching to see whether it is still worth watching, the following are a combination of some of the more interesting names I have read online and idea’s of my own.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton

The inner geek in me screams out “that would be so cool” but beyond that I reckon his success would largely depend on how much of a fan of the series he is, he would certainly help increase popularity of the show among the US audience. However I am a strong advocate that it is the final product that determines the success of a show like this, not an individual star.

Lara Pulver

Lara Pulver

Already a star in the Moffat-verse after playing Irene Adler in Sherlock, She is a great actress who also happens to be hot. She has also expressed an interest were the role ever to be offered to a woman.

She has also made comments regarding how the fan base doesn’t want a Female Doctor, to this I think the Fan Base is wrong, a large quantity of the fan base were up in arms over the casting of Matt Smith.

Suranne Jones

Surrane Jones

Yes she may have already been the physical embodiment of the TARDIS, but this hasn’t stopped DW producers before (both Karen Gillan and Freema Agyeman had small roles in DW before being cast as companions). The thing to make note of is how she pretty much instantly drew you into the completely nutty world of the TARDIS made flesh.

Speaking of people you already know from the Whovian universe, how about…

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

I know the gut reaction of most is going to be No Way! she has had far too big a role in the series so far to become the doctor, but bear with me a moment. I don’t think anyone will deny she is capable of the wacky, serious, comic, dramatic requirements of the doctor and here is how it is possible.

In Let’s Kill Hitler River uses all of her remaining regeneration energy to cure the Docter… could well be that exact same regeneration energy which is used in the upcoming change. Now apply similar logic to the regeneration which resulted in the Human version of the Tenth Doctor and you could very easily have a Doctor who looks identical to his Wife.

Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon

If they were to offer the role to someone from the other side of the pond, this is who I would love to see receive the role, part of me could quite happily see the role of Xander Harris as a prelude to being the Doctor, the various mannerisms and quirks he portrayed in Buffy allow me to truely beleive he could play the Doctor and not “Hollywood’ise” it.

well there you have it, a series of serious and maybe not so serious idea’s for who should be number twelve. Let me know your thoughts on these and who you would pick

[edit – clarified a point or two]

2 thoughts on “Complete Speculation, Past, Present & Future”

  1. I don’t think they would ever pick Ewan McGregor, because he’s just too high profile for the part. As my wife said it, the Doctor is supposed to be an ordinary-looking man that just happens to be very extra-ordinary. Casting him would be having the show become “Ewan McGregor’s Doctor Who”.

    I think my pick as the most likely from the list would probably be James Nesbit. He looks the part, and has the acting chops to pull both the serious and funny tones of the show. I would not mind seeing a woman being picked for the part tho. All your suggestions are great, and even your background story for River Song makes sense if they decide to go with Alex Kingston.

    BTW: “a large quantity of the fan base were up in arms over the casting of Matt Smith.”
    I was rewatching all the episodes a few weeks ago, and I still think Matt Smith is the worst thing that happened to Doctor Who. It went from serious situations with good humor, to be just plain silly. There are good episodes with Matt Smith, but even the best ones don’t get close to the amazing episodes with had with David Tennant, or even Eccleston.

  2. “even the best ones don’t get close to the amazing episodes with had with David Tennant”

    I can’t entirely agree with you there, The Doctor’s Wife and his Christmas Special “A Christmas Carol” are among the best episodes of the reboot from any of the doctors. Yes it was very silly for the first half season matt smith was about, but I believe he turned it around and while I still say Tennant was a better overall doctor, Smith has every right to be proud of what he has done for the show.

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