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EQ2: My New Pet Rock

When in doubt it is back to EQ2 for me, as has been the case for the past few months, and with the release of the new expansion comes the addition of the new healer class the Channeller.

The channeller is essentially a ranger with a pet and the ability to heal, take your bow and shoot things and and get some utility off those bow shots. The heal mechanic for the channeller is also quite interesting, on top of a few as per usual direct heals you can set your pet to get in the way of the damage for either a single person, ie your tank, or the whole group. so your effectively healing as the damage is done. then your job is to heal this damage on your pet. for if he falls below 25% health he will stop protecting people.

One of the things I really like about the channeller pet over pre-existing pet classes is that you can customise the look of the pet, with quite a wide array of options. You get your basic layout and as you level up you get a few more. However you also get an ability that channels the essence of mobs you fight and this unlocks abilities and visual customisation options for your pet.

Below the fold is some spoilers about these essences and where to get them.

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Aliens Vs Gangsters

It may sound like some bad parody movie, but today I want to talk about a couple of games I have been playing a fair amount of recently in between mass mining in Eve.

XCOM Enemy Unknown & Omerta City of Gangsters

They both fit into the same genre, that of a Meta-game “empire” building process with turn based combat missions. They are also both made by studios with a history of games where empire management is the key to the game.

XCOM being by Firaxis who are the guys responsible for what many will say is the finest series of Empire building games in gaming history, the Civilization franchise. Then you have Haemimont Games creators of Omerta and also the latest in the Tropico franchise as well as other titles like Imperium Romanum & Glory of the Roman Empire.

The thing that really surprised me off the bat is how given the history of being empire management game builders, One of the contestants today clearly wins the meta game and the other has more flaws in theirs but have created a very sound turn based system.

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See what I did with the picture?

First and foremost, no the new game is NOT related to the Star Trek franchise. The idea was toyed with before reaching the decision.

A couple of weeks a go I received a text message from a friend while I was at work, asking me to look at steam and its special offers, and if I fancied giving the game a go. Now this game has been around almost as long as electricity. I have looked at it several times and always came up on the side of “maybe later” or “not really digging it right now”, I don;t know if it indicates a change in my play direction, or if it was the ridiculously low price on steam, but I decided why the hell not lets give it a go.

I am now playing…

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Whats that coming over the hill?

is it a monster? well… no. It is me, I am back again. After 6 months of illness (fatigue related), insane work deadlines and workload and an unpleasant cancer scare, I have returned to the blogoshpere with a new determination to write about random crap like no-one has written about them before. In a plastic cup. (Bonus points to the first comment who get the reference).

Coming up on…

  • The game I am now playing, with assorted spin off posts
  • I will be going into the world of Malifaux as it is without a doubt my favourite skirmish war game
  • A host of board game reviews
  • Random politics related posts no-one wants to read, but can’t help themselves, which also generate lots of high spirited debate and a few trolls

And remember… your friends are like balloons, if you stab them they will die.

Music in gaming

I don’t think anyone out there will deny that music is a powerful tool to enhance gaming. Whether it be ambient music designed to draw you into the world in which you are playing, or carefully orchestrated scores aimed at heightening the storytelling of the game’s plot. Music makes a huge difference.

As such, I have always felt that the right music can make or break your gaming experience, and there are musical compositions out there which are iconic to the gaming industry. Within the first few notes these landmark audio gifts can transport you back to the hours you spent playing childhood favourites, or if you’re unlucky the piece can bring back the nightmares of a particularly bad time spent within a game.

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The way forward is back!

It seems to me that ever since the release of World of Warcraft back in 2004/05 it had almost immediate success; success that made the curing of small pox seem trivial. 99% of game houses out there have had one clear and common goal: be the WoW-killer.

I have two thoughts on this subject, the first is that there is only one game that can be the WoW-killer. Second is that being the WoW-killer shouldn’t be the goal, it shouldn’t even be a factor.

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#NBI – Share and share alike

Another week and we enter the final challenge set by Ambermist over at Tastes Like Battle Chicken. Now it is time for us all to turn the attention from our own humble offerings, and let you know about other bloggers that took up the call of arms for the New Blogger Initiative.

The challenge set forth was to find three other blogs in the NBI, but I say “Nay! My readers expect more!” which is a lie, I have no idea what my readers expect, but I have four in my list and it sounded like a good reason.

White Charr – A Guild Wars 2 Blog

There is a very simple reason I like this blog: the sheer amazing quantity of very very good artwork that is highlighted there. Being barely capable of holding a paintbrush the right way round, I have an extra appreciation of those that can.

Kemwer Game Blog

A really nice variety of posts ranging from a series of different games, cogently put together by a fellow web professional.

This Roaring Silence

Being that Bloodthorne is dedicated to all forms of gaming and not just MMOs, I would be amiss not to highlight other blogs that delve into other arenas of game, and here we have a gem- another board game player like myself, even writing a post about a game on my to-buy list.


Another blog that ventures into the wild untamed jungle that is table-top gaming, kinda, with a couple of posts; the first highlighting many classic board games that have been turned into apps and the other showing a mutual love of TableTop by Wil Wheaton.

Video games make me do bad things… ????

I have had this topic festering in my brain for a few weeks now. Actually, that’s a lie, it seems I can’t remember a time when this topic hasn’t been something I have felt strongly about.

The topic at hand is the mass media, specifically how they associate violent behaviour with gaming, and even more specific to this, how they ignore all the good that comes out of gaming and the communities they start.

The media has always had a target that it demonised, be it rock and roll, then classic rock, then heavy metal, then horror movies and now the gaming industry. Why? The only reason I can see is that it sells headlines. Regardless of the impact it has on countless people, every time they point the finger at the wrong cause it’s another instance where the finger isn’t pointing at the correct cause. From where I am sitting that’s contributing towards a problem, not solving it.

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See My Main @#$*&

Ambermist at Taste like Battle Chicken has continued the NBIMMO challenge to week 3 and is asking us to spend a little time talking about our mains. This could get interesting.

My main character throughout my history of MMO’s would have to be Gaffa Taype (see the pun? do ya? do ya?) who I started off in Everquest 1. I think he was the second character I created when I got my own account, a dwarven cleric of Brell Serilis and pretty much your stereotypical dwarven example. Loud, brash and a penchant for the alcoholic.

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