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A new chapter starts

So there is a reason I have been so quiet as of late and was not able to take part in the NBI as much as I wanted. I have recently parted ways with the web company I have worked with for the past three years, in order to break out on my own as my own boss.

Sussex Web Hero launched the 1st of November 2013 at 5am, don;t ask why I was up that early, I just was *grin*

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Is it the End of the World?

So the blogosphere is abuzz with the news that Google are retiring their reader service. What to many is possibly their most used part of the Google arsenal, those of course that blog and read blogs on a regular basis have come to know and love the RSS aggregator.

Is it really a bad thing that it is going the way of the dodo though? To me it isn’t, of all the Google services it is the most antiquated, stuck in the format of the rising internet. There are now much more efficient and more user friendly ways to get your news. Google reader also doesn’t handle media too well, sure images are fine but audio and video not so much.

Personally I have switched from google reader to Feedly. I multi platform aggregation service that presents the feeds much more nicely and allows me to have just as much control as before.

That is all, Move Along now.

Whats that coming over the hill?

is it a monster? well… no. It is me, I am back again. After 6 months of illness (fatigue related), insane work deadlines and workload and an unpleasant cancer scare, I have returned to the blogoshpere with a new determination to write about random crap like no-one has written about them before. In a plastic cup. (Bonus points to the first comment who get the reference).

Coming up on…

  • The game I am now playing, with assorted spin off posts
  • I will be going into the world of Malifaux as it is without a doubt my favourite skirmish war game
  • A host of board game reviews
  • Random politics related posts no-one wants to read, but can’t help themselves, which also generate lots of high spirited debate and a few trolls

And remember… your friends are like balloons, if you stab them they will die.

TableTop – 3 Short Games

Another episode of Tabletop has been released, this time round they are playing extremely casual games, the type of games where it would be strange for each game to last more than 20-30 minutes. I love these games, I tend to break them out while we are waiting for the last player for the main game to show up, or while people are making food orders etc.

The three games they play are Tsuro, Zombie Dice & Get Bit. I for one will very likely be making sure two of these make it into my collection.

Side Note: this episode quite conceivably contains one of the most unbelievable runs of luck known to mankind.

Check out the entire series at the YouTube channel playlist.

Random fun spawned by the #NBI

So I have decided to spend the afternoon getting to know the blogs of the other people that have started blogs thanks to the New Blogger Initiative. I was going through them and came accross My Staff is Bigger than Yours a great little blog focusing on Guild Wars 2.

Now, I am the first to admit my brain may well work a little differently than most (gamers and non-gamers alike), and when I saw the title of the blog I was reminded by a little project from about 15-20 years ago by Terry Pratchett, specifically this:

[jwplayer config=”Audio Only” mediaid=”102″]

Tabletop brilliance!

Anything that can attempt to take gaming in its myriad of sources and introduce it to new people in an entertaining manner, in my books, deserves to be supported, encouraged and if possible, shouted from the rooftops.

Wil Wheaton has a new show, TableTop,on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube that does just that. Every other Friday a new show airs, where Wheaton and three celebrity guests tackle the tabletop game of the week. At time of writing there have been two episodes, Small World and The Settlers of Catan.  The show finds that perfect balance between explaining how the games work and showing the interaction between the players, the banter and all that (otherwise known as the visual signs of people having fun).

I have always been a fan of board games, and after seeing these epsiodes I happened to have gone out and bought SmallWorld and The Settlers of Catan as they happened to not already be in my collection.

On the weeks that a new episode doesn’t air, there have so far been gag reels and other associated content put up on the channel.

Any free web series that results in my wallet emptying must either be illegal or very good, and TableTop is the latter. Check it out… Now… Or Wil will set Sasha the Intern on Fire; he said so himself.