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TableTop – 3 Short Games

Another episode of Tabletop has been released, this time round they are playing extremely casual games, the type of games where it would be strange for each game to last more than 20-30 minutes. I love these games, I tend to break them out while we are waiting for the last player for the main game to show up, or while people are making food orders etc.

The three games they play are Tsuro, Zombie Dice & Get Bit. I for one will very likely be making sure two of these make it into my collection.

Side Note: this episode quite conceivably contains one of the most unbelievable runs of luck known to mankind.

Check out the entire series at the YouTube channel playlist.

From Warhammer Online to Warhammer Invasion…

Possibly my biggest exposure to a fan community came in the lead up to Mythic’s Warhammer Online. Myself and a colleague from Online Gaming Radio set up Warhammer Geek, a fan site tracking the final days before the launch, and we were around till a few months into the game where both our schedules exploded and we simply didn’t have the time to commit to the site anymore.

This week I picked up Warhammer Invasion, the living card game by Fantasy Flight Games.  Many of you who know about the game will currently be thinking to yourself… “sheesh that games been out for ages”, and you would be right, it was originally published in 2009 and has had many expansions, 34 to be precise, since then.  However, it is often good to extol the virtues of older games in order for those who missed it the first time round to play a little catch up.

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