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Mario-D: Mario Kart collides with Formula D

I am an all around gamer, while it is true with video games I tend towards the PC I also love a variety of console games. One of which to have captured my heart the most over the years is the Mario Kart franchise, somehow managing to balance itself between insane quick paced all out fun and actually requiring a certain level of skill.

Then of course as my blog has tended more towards since I started it, there is the non-virtual. Board Games, War Games, Card Games the whole myriad of gaming that is available. One great gem of which is Formula D (watch it played on TableTop) a board game where you play a Formula 1 or Street racer and fill your need for speed.

My Love for both of these was solidified when my good friend from Trolls Den Terrain, Alun, started a pet project, combining the two!

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What Next?

I have a variety of things that I have played for the first time since the beginning of my hiatus, what i would like to know is which would you like to have me write about?

  • FTL: Faster than Light – the small Indy pc game that is tiny in file-size yet huge on re-playability.
  • Zombicide – The boardgame from the zombie apocalypse
  • Settlers of Catan – with the 5-6 player expansion (Yes I know its a classic)
  • The Walking Dead – the episodic storytelling point and click
  • Storm of Shadows – the latest book in the Malifaux world

Let me know your thoughts, as it can only help to get pre-feedback

Whats that coming over the hill?

is it a monster? well… no. It is me, I am back again. After 6 months of illness (fatigue related), insane work deadlines and workload and an unpleasant cancer scare, I have returned to the blogoshpere with a new determination to write about random crap like no-one has written about them before. In a plastic cup. (Bonus points to the first comment who get the reference).

Coming up on…

  • The game I am now playing, with assorted spin off posts
  • I will be going into the world of Malifaux as it is without a doubt my favourite skirmish war game
  • A host of board game reviews
  • Random politics related posts no-one wants to read, but can’t help themselves, which also generate lots of high spirited debate and a few trolls

And remember… your friends are like balloons, if you stab them they will die.

All aboard the fun train

Recently, the wonderful TableTop hosted by Wil Wheaton on the Geek & Sundry channel on YouTube featured Ticket to Ride. Watch it Now, your life will be better!

I enjoyed the premise of the game and watching it being played so much that I went out over the weekend and bought a copy from my local games store. Since then, I have played the board game five times and have bought the digital version on steam with all the DLC and played it in solo mode a couple of dozen times.

What can I say? It is really, REALLY good!

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How much fun is feeding a panda?

…Well, if you’re using the board-game Takenoko as your meter of enjoyment, the answer is VERY!

Takenoko is a game by Antoine Bauza, the designer who brought us Ghost Stories which I told you all about before.

This is an ideal gateway game, by which I mean, it is a great game to pull out for people who don’t play many board games; the rules are simple, the character of the game is fun, and it provides a high level of enjoyment which will hopefully bring them back for more, possibly advanced, games.

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Things that go Bump in the Dice…

Today, I had the pleasure of playing not once, but three times, the absolutely fantastic Ghost Stories. This is a charming little co-operative board game where the players set out to protect the local villagers from the assortment of nasties sent forth from Wu-Feng, the evil overlord spirit on a mission to regain from the village the means to return to life and TAKE OVER THE WORLD ! ! !

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