Analysing Modern Entertainment

Over at Jethal recently made a post about WTF happened to Entertainment?, go on take a read, it kind of sets off what I have to say, go on, I will wait.

Now I agree with a few points and I disagree with a few others

Reboots / Remakes

I agree there are way too many remakes / reboots on TV and the Big Screen in the modern world, however to a certain extent this could be considered being honest, there is no such thing as an original idea, Ideas are crested from the some of what the creator has experienced, seen and heard. Personally I thought the Battlestar Galactica reboot was better than the original. And lest we forget Buffy: The Vampire Slayer was a reboot from the film, and for the vast majority of geeks out there is staple in any top ten series.

When drawing attention to the worst, especially in recent years. The spotlight should have been turned on things like “V”, Knight Rider or moving to the big screen Total Recall.

For me Jethal missed something from this section of his analysis, the fact that there is a third part to this, the re-interpenetration. Which is where all the Comic Book Films come in and things like Lord of the Rings (which yes isn’t the first time its hit the big screen), the re-interpretation takes the same literary source and is developed for the screen with no regard for existing interpretations.

Selling Stupidity as Comedy

I agree with everything that Jethal says on these, however I would like to add an exception, there are times on screen where using stupidity works, on TV look no further than Spongebob, and on the big screen American Pie was a classic which is all about the stupidity of your teenage years.


I have never watched a film in 3D, I saw a picture on Facebook which summed up my feelings very well… “If you cannot make it good, make it in 3D”

Now I am going to tackle a habit in Hollywood which really annoys me…

Re-writing History

One of the greatest atrocities that Hollywood commits is telling a story from history and re-writing it so different sides are shown in more positive ways or changing things entirely. If your going to make it a work of fiction, make it fiction. However if you actually are going to make a historic film, tell it how it was, not how you want people to remember things.

I will be fair though, successful nations in history, including the UK and America have always told history through a rose-coloured lens.

2 thoughts on “Analysing Modern Entertainment”

  1. Good points, though I did classify your “re-interpenetration” as “reboots”. And as for your last statement.. “History is written by the Victors”, hehe

  2. That is true, however when you are re-writing it so that one nation who had nothing to do with the event were the main protagonists, thats taking things a little far *grin* as in the case of U-571…

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