Just who does TJ Edgar think he is?

In the World known as “Real” I am a 33 year old Web Developer living on the South Coast of England, my days are spent taking walks down the beach (false), exploring the local countryside (also false) and trying to somehow match clients expectations of their website with the reality of the internet (actually true).

Now here is a section that you’re probably not going to be that interested in, but it is new knowledge for most and new knowledge is good. There is a COLOSSAL difference between IT Support and Web Development, and there is a BIG difference between Web DESIGN and Web DEVELOPMENT.

Web Designers create wondrous pieces of art that people see day in and day out on the net. Web Developers… well, we make the site work. Not as romantic, but essential. A good metaphor is the world of building a house. The architect draws up a beautiful imagining, then a builder will turn those drawings into a house. The designer unsurprisingly is the architect, and the developer is the builder; without us all you have is pretty pictures.

Back to why you’re here

Not that I can actually answer that, who knows why you’re here? The safest assumption is that you have an interest in gaming. I would say I became a gamer right about the time I hit English shores in 1983/84 with the ZX Spectrum; so many games, soooo many games. Step by step, I went through the traditional route up through the various releases.

My real introduction to broader Gaming happened at 13, when I played my first AD&D game, from then on out I played almost anything I had the opportunity to. War games, board Games, tabletop RPG games, card games, dice games… oh, and Jenga!

MMOs kicked off in the summer of 2000 with Everquest. I bought the box with the Kunark expansion for a house-mate for her birthday. As time went by each of us in the house had characters on that account, and then we all got separate accounts. The rest as they say is history.

During the lead up to the launch of Everquest 2 I started listening to Online Gaming Radio regularly. Eventually, myself and a friend started EQ2s Day; a weekly live audio podcast devoted to the game. At that stage I was known as Monte, after my character name at the time (I was on a Count of Monte Christo kick). To my everlasting pride the show is still going, different hosts and very slight tweaks to the format, but it is still on every Tuesday.

The next big project in the gaming world was Warhammer Geek, a fan site for the then unreleased Warhammer Online. We tracked the news, wrote editorials and produced the Podcast of Reckoning (in conjunction with Online Gaming Radio). That is when real life stepped in and drained almost all my spare time away, I could barely game let alone game and provide content related to my gaming. So I entered a cycle of lots of work and a little gaming to keep me from going insane.

During my break I rekindled my love for non-video gaming, hence the broad range of the blog. If it is gaming then I am interested. If I am interested I will write about it.

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