A new chapter starts

So there is a reason I have been so quiet as of late and was not able to take part in the NBI as much as I wanted. I have recently parted ways with the web company I have worked with for the past three years, in order to break out on my own as my own boss.

Sussex Web Hero launched the 1st of November 2013 at 5am, don;t ask why I was up that early, I just was *grin*

Now if you have crossed the holy “fold” then I have to assume your actually interested, if that is the case I would really appreciate your help by doing any and /or all of the following;

The reason I ask this is two fold, first you never know where a source for work may come from, your activity may inspire someone to pick up the phone and contact me, second Google is king and it likes pages with an active social media setup, so why not benefit from stuff I would do anyway?

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