Mario-D: Mario Kart collides with Formula D

I am an all around gamer, while it is true with video games I tend towards the PC I also love a variety of console games. One of which to have captured my heart the most over the years is the Mario Kart franchise, somehow managing to balance itself between insane quick paced all out fun and actually requiring a certain level of skill.

Then of course as my blog has tended more towards since I started it, there is the non-virtual. Board Games, War Games, Card Games the whole myriad of gaming that is available. One great gem of which is Formula D (watch it played on TableTop) a board game where you play a Formula 1 or Street racer and fill your need for speed.

My Love for both of these was solidified when my good friend from Trolls Den Terrain, Alun, started a pet project, combining the two!

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EQ2: My New Pet Rock

When in doubt it is back to EQ2 for me, as has been the case for the past few months, and with the release of the new expansion comes the addition of the new healer class the Channeller.

The channeller is essentially a ranger with a pet and the ability to heal, take your bow and shoot things and and get some utility off those bow shots. The heal mechanic for the channeller is also quite interesting, on top of a few as per usual direct heals you can set your pet to get in the way of the damage for either a single person, ie your tank, or the whole group. so your effectively healing as the damage is done. then your job is to heal this damage on your pet. for if he falls below 25% health he will stop protecting people.

One of the things I really like about the channeller pet over pre-existing pet classes is that you can customise the look of the pet, with quite a wide array of options. You get your basic layout and as you level up you get a few more. However you also get an ability that channels the essence of mobs you fight and this unlocks abilities and visual customisation options for your pet.

Below the fold is some spoilers about these essences and where to get them.

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A new chapter starts

So there is a reason I have been so quiet as of late and was not able to take part in the NBI as much as I wanted. I have recently parted ways with the web company I have worked with for the past three years, in order to break out on my own as my own boss.

Sussex Web Hero launched the 1st of November 2013 at 5am, don;t ask why I was up that early, I just was *grin*

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Dungeons & Dragons…. NEXT

So I have finally gotten my table top RPG hat back on after a couple of years, last night I started the inaugural session to my new DND campaign using the DND Next play-test rule system, and it went, well surprisingly well.

My adventuring group consisted of 2 people that played my 4th edition campaigns up until 2 years ago, 2 players who had only ever played one game of DND before and finally a complete nive to tabletop RPG’s. I figured the true strength of DND was always how easily a gateway it was into the tabletop RPG market, and what better way to put that to the test than with a group of inexperienced players?

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Is it the End of the World?

So the blogosphere is abuzz with the news that Google are retiring their reader service. What to many is possibly their most used part of the Google arsenal, those of course that blog and read blogs on a regular basis have come to know and love the RSS aggregator.

Is it really a bad thing that it is going the way of the dodo though? To me it isn’t, of all the Google services it is the most antiquated, stuck in the format of the rising internet. There are now much more efficient and more user friendly ways to get your news. Google reader also doesn’t handle media too well, sure images are fine but audio and video not so much.

Personally I have switched from google reader to Feedly. I multi platform aggregation service that presents the feeds much more nicely and allows me to have just as much control as before.

That is all, Move Along now.

Complete Speculation, Past, Present & Future

At this point this article could be nothing other than speculation, as there are conflicting reports depending on where you look on the internet, all with “credible” sources, but according to some sources including this article by the Mirror, the 50th anniversary special could well be the time that Matt Smith hangs up his Bow Tie and regenerates into the Twelfth Doctor.

Now with this potentially on the cards I am going to put forth a few names, I believe could really do justice to the role and the rebooted series. Some have been stated elsewhere, and some I haven’t seen here we go…

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Thank Diety I Packed My Towel!

So I asked for feedback on what people would like to read about, and the first response was asking for what I thought of FTL the hugely successful indie game from last year

So what is FTL? The official website describes it as…

FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy (like Firefly/Star Trek/BSG etc.) In any given episode of those classic shows, the captain is always yelling “Reroute power to shields!” or giving commands to the engineer now that their Warp Core is on fire.

Me, I say it is a prime example of how in this day and age you DON’T NEED million dollar budgets, HD cinematics or sound, or even a large team to create an engaging, high quality game that can be played again and again.

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What Next?

I have a variety of things that I have played for the first time since the beginning of my hiatus, what i would like to know is which would you like to have me write about?

  • FTL: Faster than Light – the small Indy pc game that is tiny in file-size yet huge on re-playability.
  • Zombicide – The boardgame from the zombie apocalypse
  • Settlers of Catan – with the 5-6 player expansion (Yes I know its a classic)
  • The Walking Dead – the episodic storytelling point and click
  • Storm of Shadows – the latest book in the Malifaux world

Let me know your thoughts, as it can only help to get pre-feedback

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